* Is Keto safe for people with diabetes?

A keto diet can be a great choice for People with diabetes, reversing type 2 and control type 2.

* Is a ketogenic diet safe for high cholesterol?

Generally, the cholesterol profile tends to improve on a keto diet, lowering triglycerides and raising HDL (the good cholesterol), without much impact on LDL cholesterol.

* How long can someone be on a keto diet?

As long as you want to…and enjoy it.

* Can I eat a keto diet as a vegetarian or vegan?

A keto diet can work for many non-meat eaters depending on what other types of food their diets include. Although following keto as , a vegetarian is definitely doable it can be a little challenging, especially when first starting out.

* What is the difference between low-carb and keto diets?

Keto is a very strict low-carb diet, that also puts even more emphasis on moderating the protein intake and relying primarily on fat to supply energy needs.
A regular strict low-carb diet will likely put most people in ketosis anyway. But a keto diet tweaks things even further to make sure it’s working and if so desired, to get even deeper into ketosis.

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